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Who Fortnite and the like, there’s no getting around this provider: the Epic Games Launcher from game developer Epic. We explain what the gaming platform offers and what parents should bear in mind when it comes to protecting minors.

In brief

  • Epic ‘s distribution platform for games
  • Desktop app for PCs (Mac and Windows)
  • Buy games, play, communicate via chat
  • User account free of charge, some games subject to a charge
  • According to the T&Cs, under-18s require the consent of a parent or guardian; players under the age of 13 automatically receive restricted accounts.
  • Extensive child safety lock can be set

What does the Epic Games Launcher offer?

The Epic Games Launcher distributes games from Epic and other manufacturers. While the majority of games are chargeable, there are also numerous free games in the launcher. Popular free games include Fortnite, Rocket League and Fall Guys . It should be noted, however, that optional in-game purchases and microtransactions are offered within the games.

Via Epic Games, users can purchase games, play them and chat with other players. Players create an account, buy access to a game and thus acquire the right to play the games on the platform. The platform can best be compared with the popular gaming platform Steam platform. A special feature is that certain games that normally cost between EUR 20 and 60 are offered for free at weekly intervals in the Epic Games Launcher. However, users must select the game in the launcher during the respective offer week and add it to their Epic account.

What makes Epic Games so popular with children and young people?

Battle Royale games such as Fortnite and Fall Guys fascinate children and young people. Great heroine stories are told here and battles are fought that require strategy and team spirit. Through Epic Games, young people can try out different games, connect with their friends and constantly discover new games on the market. The weekly free games also give children and young people with a limited pocket money budget access to the latest titles.

What can be problematic about the Epic Games Launcer?

Anyone who deletes or blocks their account will lose access to the entire game library and all game achievements. Anyone using an unprotected account can be confronted with communication risks such as hate speech or extreme opinions, spend a lot of money on in-game purchases or play games that are not appropriate for their age. The parental controls include settings such as a chat filter for offensive language, spending limits, age restrictions and much more. The playing time cannot be limited. However, parents can currently have a weekly Fortnite playtime report sent to them by email.

What does the provider think?

Epic Games offers game developers a paid platform to bring their games to market. A right of return within 14 days applies to every game. In the community rules, Epic Games sets out guidelines for dealing with each other. The provider prohibits misconduct such as bullying or harassment and threatens consequences such as blocking the user’s account. Users can use the report form to report misconduct by other users. Each account can be protected by two-factor authentication. Parents can customize the use of the Epic Games Launcher for their children via the parental controls. Using a parental PIN, they can set age ratings for access to games and Fortnite experiences, restrict purchases and customize online interaction options such as voice chat and linking with friends. Epic Games offers parents and guardians a dedicated contact form for support requests.

What should parents pay attention to?

Use the technical settings for youth media protection and set up your child’s Epic Games account in an age-appropriate manner. If your child is between 13 and 15 years old, we recommend setting up a children’s account. If your child plays Fortnite and other games on a games console, activate the safety settings for children there too. As the playing time cannot be restricted via the gaming platform, use the settings options on the console or PC for screen time if required. When selecting games, pay attention to the USK age rating and only allow your child access to age-appropriate games. You can find an overview and detailed instructions on parental controls at medien-kindersicher.de. Be aware that technical youth media protection does not replace media education, but is a supporting element. Stay open and interested and talk to your child regularly about their favorite games. Talk to your child about their play and interaction experiences. Don’t overlook risks such as contact with strangers and agree on rules for dealing with games in the family.

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