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jugend.support – Online advice for young people on risks on the net

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Teens don’t always want to turn to parents or other adults for help with problems. Information and counseling services on the Internet are an easy way to get advice and help – for example, via platforms like jugend.support. It is specifically aimed at young people aged 10 and over. This film explains exactly what is behind it:

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What exactly is available at jugend.support?

youth.support is an offer especially for children and teenagers and their questions and problems on the internet. Whether fake profiles, data theft, cyberbullying and cybergrooming: almost all important topics are briefly explained and there are numerous tips and information on how to deal with the challenges. That exactly is available on jugend.support:

  • Information on various topics
  • Tips on how young people can help and protect themselves
  • Counseling centers that help young people confidentially and free of charge
  • Information on where to report content that is not okay and where to complain if someone is breaking rules.

How do young people get help?

If young people notice content on social media, in apps or on websites that is not suitable for young people, for example because it scares or disturbs them, this can be reported directly to youth.support to report it. The content is then checked by one of the partners www.internet-beschwerdestelle.de or jugendschutz.net. Advice and help with stress online is also offered by jugend.support on Instagram and TikTok – in other words, exactly where young media users are on the move.

Many partners with special knowledge and tasks support young people on jugend. support with their expert knowledge and advise on problems. In addition, young people can turn to a counseling center: Nummer gegen Kummer, juuuport and the telephone counselling service are contact points and partners of the offer.

What should parents pay attention to?

youth.support is aimed exclusively at children and young people aged 10 and over, not younger. As parents, you don’t have to and shouldn’t know everything your child does, and it’s good for them to seek support and help on their own. Nevertheless, you should always be there as a contact person for your child and support him or her through any questions, risks and challenges. This relationship of trust is still very important when your child is older!

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