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The TOGGO app: a universe of games and learning for children

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Paw Patrol, Pokémon, Peppa Wutz – the TOGGO app offers children a comprehensive range of entertainment tailored specifically to their needs and interests. With a wide selection of series, interactive games, radio plays and music, the app is aimed specifically at young users of different ages. We present the offer.

In a nutshell:

  • App with videos, games, radio plays, interactive content, music (TOGGO radio) and competitions
  • For children aged 2 and over (Toggolino area) and 6 and over (TOGGO area)
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Free to use, contains advertising
  • Internet connection required for use

What is behind the offer?

The app aims to offer children and young people a safe and entertaining platform. It contains a wide range of content with series, games, radio plays and music tailored to different age groups. The Toggolino area is specially designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5 and enables them to navigate easily and without text. This protected area can only be exited with a text code, so children cannot do this by mistake. You need support from someone who can read. The TOGGO area is aimed at older children up to the age of 14 and offers a greater variety of exciting content, such as multiplayer games that can also be played with friends.

What excites children and young people about it?

The app meets the needs of children at different stages of development: Younger children enjoy the simple and fun content in the Toggolino section, while older children can discover exciting adventures and cool, challenging games in the TOGGO section. Regular updates and new content ensure that there is always something new to discover. The opportunity to interact with the app keeps children busy and encourages their creativity. Content that is tailored to the age and interests of the users ensures a personalized experience that children particularly enjoy.

What can be problematic about the offer?

  • Internet connection: The app requires a permanent internet connection to use, which increases data consumption.
  • Advertising: The app contains advertisements, all of which are suitable for children.
  • Data protection and privacy: It is possible that personal data may be collected and stored, for example when participating in competitions.

What does the provider think?

Super RTL emphasizes that the app is designed to be safe and suitable for children. Various measures are taken to protect the privacy and safety of the children. This includes strict compliance with the data protection guidelines, which can be viewed on the app’s website.

What should parents pay attention to?

Actively accompany the use of the offer: Select the content together and accompany the use depending on the age of your child to ensure that the content is suitable. Talk openly with your child about the safe use of digital media, especially about the importance of data protection.

Sharing: Discover the content together with your child to share their experiences. Integrate your child’s opinion when selecting new content to encourage interest and participation.

Use the available settings: Customize the content according to your child’s age and level of development.

Open communication: Discuss with your child what to do if they come across inappropriate content or have difficulties using it. Clarify what needs to be considered when playing virtual games together if your child networks with friends in multiplayer games within the app.

Set usage limits: Encourage balanced leisure activities by jointly defining the duration of use.

Encourage alternative learning and play resources: Motivate your child to explore non-digital learning and play resources.

Explain advertising: Explain to your child what advertising is and how it works to create an awareness of commercial content.

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