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Apps for kids

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Apps that have been programmed explicitly for children are particularly suitable as an introduction to online worlds: As a small, self-contained program, they offer clear content. Navigating here also works via finger movement or voice input. At the same time, the childlike preference for repetition is practiced. Be sure to establish rules about usage time and frequency early on. Ideally, you should test the app beforehand and possibly play through it. Find out exactly what apps you install for your child. Important aspects here include advertising and possible in-app purchases. You can also use test reports as a guide.

Good children’s apps are characterized by the following features:

  • Content is geared to the age and living environment of the children
  • The app is audiovisual (images, sounds, music, noises)
  • Navigation is simple, intuitive and possibly voice-controlled
  • Texts, images and animations are child-friendly and understandable
  • Symbols and icons used are consistent and meaningful
  • The apps contain age-appropriate interaction options

An overview of recommended apps for children is difficult due to the rapid changes on the web. However, you can find help at the German Youth Institute (DJI), at klicktipps or at SIN – Studio im Netz, among others.

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