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Children want to discover media

3, 6 and 8 years old boys with a laptop computer

Copyright: Ute Grabowsky/ photothek.net

Preschool and elementary school children are curious and inquisitive in discovering their own living environment. This also includes media: What are mom and dad actually doing on the computer for so long? Why is big sister typing away on her cell phone every free minute? Even young children are fascinated by digital media. Above all, they want to do what the big guys do.

Opportunities for children’s media use and first steps on the Internet are many and varied – from picture books to the latest episode of their favorite series on their tablet to game apps. Well-known characters from popular children’s series on the video platform or on television provide an initial access point to the network in terms of content. They appear not only in videos, but also as online games, quizzes or picture stories. Children’s websites focus on interactivity and participation. And the interest is not limited to pastime and entertainment, your child wants to learn and discover!

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