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Depictions of violence in the media

Copyright: Thomas Trutschel/photothek.net

Even at a young age, your child may unintentionally come into contact with forms of violence via media. This can be via a commercial clip that is currently playing on TV or by swiping around on the tablet that is lying around and a video opens on Youtube. A lot of content from movies, videos, or games that is easy for older children, teens, and adults to process can scare young children. They only learn over time to clearly classify what they see on a screen and understand it as a media experience.

Not every depiction of violence has to be physical. Threatening voices and statements, gloomy lighting, or dramatic music can also frighten young children. Therefore, it is especially important during this phase that you accompany and observe your child’s media use. Meanwhile and afterwards, seek conversation, respond to his questions, offer protection and explanations. Make sure your child can only access age-appropriate media.

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