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Establish media rules together

Unfortunately, there is no universal solution to family conflicts in dealing with media. It is helpful if clearly understandable rules are established for all family members. You can influence your child’s media use with rules. However, the child should also be allowed to have a say – in accordance with his or her age. The older it gets, the more it should be involved.

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The rules should be created and written down together. Whenever children can understand their parents’ rules, it is easier for them to follow them. Wishes and limits can be discussed. Together, you can negotiate exceptions, time limits, or media-free spaces. You can also use tools for support. Remember that clear times when media may be used can and may vary depending on the age of the child.
Please do not use media use, such as television, as a punishment or reward. Prohibitions, which are usually incomprehensible to the child, are also of no use.

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