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How babies perceive media

Even if we are not always aware of it, infants and toddlers already have contact with the media, indirectly through parents, siblings and other people around them: Mom watches TV while breastfeeding, the car radio is playing on the way to the pediatrician, Dad checks his messages on his cell phone while pushing the stroller, and so on.

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Every child discovers the world around them, and with it the media. At first, it perceives the devices only as objects, but gradually realizes that they have a special value for the elders.

We know from studies that all households where young children live are well equipped with media devices. There is a TV, smartphones, a computer, radio and Internet connection in almost every family. So media play a role in most families.

At the beginning of life, you decide which media your child will have active access too. In the first two years of life, children are able to perceive pictures and, at around 1.5 years of age, also engage more and more purposefully with picture books and photos.

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