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Learning with digital media

Especially at the beginning of the primary school years, our children are exposed to new challenges everywhere: learning to read, write and do arithmetic brings them closer to the world of the grown-ups. At no other stage of life are they more motivated to learn new things. The most important task for you as parents is to support them by motivating them to learn and acquire knowledge on their own.

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Your child is not just looking for entertainment on the web, and the tablet is not just a way for him to pass the time. Children also use media specifically for learning and information – whether on behalf of the school or out of their own interest. If your child feels you don’t believe him when he learns with the tablet, it will lead to frustration. The fact that digital media are so fascinating opens up the opportunity to combine learning and fun.

More and more schools are also taking advantage of children’s thirst for discovery combined with their fascination for media to shape their lessons.

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