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(Mobile) Media in the Hands of Children

After picture books and TV, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are among the first media that children get to know. After all, they are present in their lives from the beginning because mom, dad, big sister, grandpa and dad’s girlfriend are constantly holding them. The importance of these devices is not lost on the little ones. Plus, they glow so beautifully and make noise. This also fascinates young children. After all, they are quickly turned on and easy to use. You don’t have to be able to read, but can start a small program very quickly via the icons. And then you can easily take such a device with you to the cozy corner or in the car.

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The fine motor skills of young children are not yet fully developed. Hands and fingers are clumsy and hand-eye coordination is just developing. Operating a tablet is much easier for them than using a keyboard and mouse. But before they are about 18 months old, the little ones can not actively do anything with it. However, tablets can already serve as a digital read-aloud book that you read from.
The linking of different senses is promoted within appropriate children’s activities. From the age of about five, for example, children can acquire important motor and mental skills in online games. Especially for small children, there are many offers on the Internet that limit access to content on the Internet and thus usually do not allow unprotected surfing. Make sure the content of such offerings is appropriate for your child’s developmental level and age.

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