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Protecting children and young people in the media world

Not everything that can be seen and experienced in digital media is suitable for children and young people. A lot of content on the Internet is aimed at adults. As a parent, you therefore face the challenge of protecting your child from inappropriate content. Preventing children and young people from this is hardly possible or sensible. Instead of restricting access to digital media, potential risks should be reduced. Finally, there are also many positive sides to digital media. Depictions of violence, pornography, and self-injurious behavior are particularly challenging. Such content can have a frightening effect on children or promote problematic behavior. If your child comes into contact with it, he should be able to share his uncertainty with you.

That is why there is youth media protection, which assesses media content for its potential danger and regulates its public distribution. In this way, influences from the adult world that do not yet correspond to the developmental level of children and young people should be kept to a minimum and their personality development supported. Child and youth media protection measures create safe framework conditions. However, risks can only be minimized in this way, not eliminated. Your children’s safety online is ultimately determined by your media literacy as the ideal basis for effective protection.

Youth media protection helps protect children and young people from inappropriate media content. This film explains how it works.

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