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What preschoolers need and like

Preschoolers love pictures, sounds and they like to touch things. They also need repetition – this applies to play in the nursery just as much as it does to media use. Repetition gives them security, stability and orientation.

Copyright: Janine Schmitz/photothek.net

The most suitable offerings are therefore those that appeal to all the senses with simple user guidance and lots of sounds and images, while at the same time linking learning elements in a playful way. These can be accessible on the tablet as well as via the family computer. Your first experiences in the online world should be made together with your child. When doing so, avoid cluttered websites and apps. Because they cannot yet read, understand or operate everything, it is difficult for young children to grasp complex game play. If your child is bored or wants to learn something new, you can discover more offers from time to time. But children can look at things again and again and experience them anew. They do not get bored in the process. Tips for good children’s sites can be found at seitenstark.de. You can learn more about suitable apps here. Check out the offerings on your own first before exploring them with your child.

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