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Why preschoolers use media

For children and young people, media are important companions that support them in their development in various ways, among other things. Depending on their age, they take on different functions – whether entertainment and fun, orientation or information.

Copyright: Ute Grabowsky/photothek.net

For preschoolers, media are objects they want to discover for themselves. But they are also storytellers. Stories are told in media such as books – whether analog or digital, radio plays or films. Children use various media for playing, e.g. age-appropriate game and painting programs on the computer, smartphone or tablet. Even for younger children, there are suitable offers that they can use together with their parents. Even the media characters in a story can become playmates in children’s imaginations.

Even before they start school, children can learn with the help of media. Knowledge can be found in stories or is delivered in age-appropriate offerings such as The Elephant Show. Apps specially programmed for children can also be used to playfully discover new things together with parents.
In addition, media provide guidance for children. Here they find a variety of role models, some of them dubious. From an early age, children replay media content and try out behaviors seen there. In order to process what they have seen and to be able to classify it correctly, they need your support.

When you choose media options for your child, they should be age-appropriate and take their needs into account. Also, remember to provide alternative offerings to balance things out. Because a child’s needs can and should be met without media. Media are thus not given undue importance in children’s everyday lives.

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