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Telekom’s cloud gaming offer provides over 100 games of various genres that are played online via an app. You can create up to five profiles and customize usage based on your child’s age.

In a nutshell:

  • over 100 games of different genres
  • Up to five profiles
  • first month free of charge, then monthly 6,95 €
  • USK age classes of the individual profiles adjustable
  • suitable for children from 6 – 17 years

What can MagentaGaming do?

If you decide to take out a paid subscription with MagentaGaming , you’ll have over 100 games of various genres at your disposal, such as sports, action, adventure, and strategy. A total of five profiles can be created with one subscription. Relevant for parents is the possibility to protect the individual profiles with a PIN and to set an age limit. To do this, simply enter the age in your child’s profile. Your child will then only be provided with games that are approved for that age group.

Through the cloud-based system, the games can be used from different devices via an app. The game scores are stored in the cloud and are thus independent of the respective device. You don’t need a console or a powerful gaming PC, but can play via smartphone, PC or tablet. Only one person at a time can play within the app, simultaneous use is not possible.

What fascinates children and young people about it?

In recent years, digital games have become increasingly present in the lives of children and young people. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets make it much easier to access them, as you are often not dependent on a console to play online. Digital games offer children and young people countless possibilities: They can race cars against friends, build their own city, or solve puzzles. To a certain extent , there is nothing wrong with that. Your child is growing up with media and digital games are a part of it. They offer room for creativity, promote certain skills and can also contribute to the transmission of values – not least, they are fun.

What should parents pay attention to?

There are digital games that are not suitable for children. It is therefore advisable to create your child’s own profile and set it accordingly. MagentaGaming bases the age restrictions on the USK age rating according to the legal rules of the German youth protection. You should look into these age groups and decide for yourself if they fit your vision as a parent. You can also find helpful information about this in our article on age restrictions for games.

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