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The digitalization of family life – apps for everyday organization

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One’s own schedule is often full enough, but coordinating the schedules of all family members turns mothers and fathers into true family managers. Who brings the children to daycare and school and when and picks them up again? The son has regular guitar lessons, the daughter has soccer practice several times a week and a game on the weekend, in between is grandma’s birthday and the fridge also needs to be filled. Apps programmed specifically for this purpose can help to better organize everyday family life.

Some of these apps work like a calendar that each family member can access with their own smartphone and add or modify appointments. This allows upcoming appointments and tasks to be coordinated without being in the same location. Some of the apps also offer additional functions such as sending photos or voice messages.

There are also digital shopping planners that all family members can view and modify. If you spontaneously finish work early, you can simply check the app to see what still needs to be purchased. Or you can order the groceries you want directly to your home via app, which eliminates the need to go to the supermarket and leaves time for other things.

For longer-term meal planning and buying the groceries you need, there’s Our Groceries. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices. There are also special family planners that combine various functions such as calendars, shared lists and chat functions. Among the best known are Famanice and Cozi Family Organizer.

What should you pay attention to?

Consider together as a family whether using such apps makes sense for you. Look at the capabilities of each app and decide how and what to use it for.

Some applications require a lot of personal data and permissions to install, and it is often not clear why they are needed. You still want to use the app? Find out whether the permissions are actually necessary for the app to function and whether they can possibly be deactivated in the settings. You should also be aware that access rights give app providers and third parties access to personal data. Also find out if there are any hidden costs for extensions within the app or if there may be costs at a later date.

To help you select and evaluate the various apps, the Internet Guide for Parents will in the future present a series of apps with answers to the following questions, among others: What functions do they offer? What are the possible risks?

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