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The fascination of vlogging – YouTube stars in private?

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“Crazy Shopping mit Shirin”, “Meine Freundin” or “Ein Tag – fünf Looks” – these are the titles of so-called vlogs by well-known YouTubers. All of them have at least a million views and are very popular with their subscribers. Maybe your child also regularly watches the vlogs of his favorite YouTubers. But what actually are these vlogs and why are they so exciting for many children and young people?

What is a vlog?

Vlog – this is initially a composition of the words video and blog. Blogs are public websites that are filled with texts at regular intervals in a diary-like manner by so-called bloggers. Most often, these deal with a specific topic that concerns the bloggers themselves. Interested parties can comment on texts and get in touch with the bloggers.

Blogging is also practiced by many YouTubers – but then as a kind of video diary, where viewers can experience a whole day or even a longer journey of their stars. The vlogs also often revolve around certain topics, so there are beauty vlogs, gaming vlogs or travel vlogs.

Why are vlogs so popular with young viewers?

The topics of the vloggers are particularly interesting for young people. On the one hand, vlogs offer them the opportunity to learn about everyday issues, and on the other hand, they can dream themselves into the lives of famous YouTubers. Many of the particularly popular YouTubers report on their supposedly private lives in their vlogs. For example, YouTuber Concrafter introduced his new girlfriend in his vlog. So-called “room tours” through one’s own house are also popular. Bianca Heinicke from Bibi’s Beauty Palace regularly reported on her pregnancy – and subsequently on her new role as a mother.

Vlogs are usually published on a regular, weekly or even daily basis. A vlog often accompanies the person for a few hours, days or even several weeks (for example, during a long trip). The YouTubers comment on events, addressing their subscribers directly. Often, the videos are shot by the YouTubers themselves with their smartphones, so they look particularly authentic. However, this should not obscure the fact that the videos are usually very professionally produced and sometimes entire production teams are behind them. The vlogs give the impression that you can participate in the YouTuber’s life and that they are real excerpts from their everyday life. Since YouTubers are no longer just YouTubers, but stars, role models and idols, interest in their private lives is particularly high.

What should you pay attention to?

For tips and advice on using YouTube, see the article on the fascination of YouTube stars. When you talk to your child about vlogs, show interest in YouTubers and their topics. But also question the extent to which the clippings reflect the stars’ actual lives. Also make your child aware that YouTubers earn money with their vlogs and want to achieve as many clicks as possible through supposed insights into their private lives.

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