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Webinar: Media Education in Times of Corona | 17.06. | 5 – 6 pm

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In recent months, many people’s lives have changed dramatically, and despite relaxations in Corona measures, many parents continue to face the challenge of balancing work, homeschooling and child care. When children can no longer easily meet their friends or grandparents, media use plays an even greater role. This makes it particularly difficult to adhere to or even enforce agreed rules.

In the webinar, we shared with you and other parents about changing media use in the family. They have expressed the desire for more information on suitable (learning) offers as well as information on creating rules for media use in the family. There was also interest in information about learning with media at kindergarten age and news for children.

We have summarized and linked our contributions to these topics here at a glance:

Learning with media

Regulate media use in the family

News for children and teenagers

Creative media learning in the family

Tablets in the daycare center

What’s next?

We would like to continue organizing online meetings in the future to answer your questions about media education in the family and to give you the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other. If you give us specific topics or questions, we can include them in future meetings. Please use our contact form or write us via WhatsApp or Threema.

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