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What is actually… phishing?

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11-17 years

Phishing refers to the theft of personal data, especially passwords. This can happen, for example, via an e-mail or text message asking you to click on a link and enter your password, credit card number or even a tan number. The emails usually pretend to be a well-known company (e.g. Amazon or PayPal) or a bank. With the stolen data, the thieves then have access to the person’s account and can perform actions in their name, such as ordering expensive goods or making bank transfers.

Such messages usually contain links to the websites of the supposed companies, which can look very genuine. Don’t let that fool you! If you are very unsure if it is a genuine request, contact your bank or the company’s customer support to resolve any potential issues with your account in person and in a secure manner. Even if the person pretends to be a friend or acquaintance, it could be a fake. Do not respond to it and, if necessary, address it with the person later in a personal conversation. Possibly their account was unknowingly hacked.

It is important to educate your child about this type of scam. Explain to him never to give personal information or passwords anywhere or to give them to anyone when asked for them in an email or Messenger message.

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