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What should I watch out for when my child plays video games?

Children and young people love to play games – including computer and online games. Media educator Fabian Wörz explains what needs to be considered.

What do we need to consider if we want to purchase a voice assistant for the family?

Alexa, Google Assist or Apple Home Pod are increasingly finding their way into households. Our media educator Lidia de Reese explains the advantages and disadvantages of these devices, especially for families.

Nude pictures on my child’s smartphone (16) – what should I do?

When one’s child grows up and lives relationship, sexting also occurs. Media educator Björn Schreiber explains what this is and what your child should be aware of.




FOMO – What is it?

Frank’s daughter is constantly holding her smartphone because she’s afraid of missing something in the digital space. The phenomenon is called “Fear Of Missing Out”, or FOMO for short. Media educator Lidia de Reese explains why Messenger and Co. can also be overwhelming and what you can do about it.

What dangers can my child encounter when using Whatsapp & Co.

Mark wonders what the challenges are in using messenger services and what he and his son (16) should look out for? Media educator Björn Schreiber gives a few hints and answers.

How can I protect my child from hate speech online?

Saskia is worried because her daughter (14 years) has already been insulted several times on the net for no reason. How can Saskia protect her daughter from this? Fabian Wörz from Elternguide.online explains what lies behind hate speech and how to deal with it.


Should I grant my child’s wish for a talking teddy bear?

Leon (5 years) wishes for a talking teddy. His father Yannick wonders if such a teddy is the right toy for his son. Our expert Carolin Maier explains smart toys in the children’s room.

What to consider when buying a voice assistant for the family?

Jana is considering getting a voice assistant for her family. But what should you pay attention to? Lidia de Reese from Elternguide.online gives you tips and advice.


Why can’t I let my child (3 years old) watch children’s shows alone?

When the little ones watch videos, they need to be accompanied by their parents. Media educator Melanie Endler explains why this is important.



Should I post photos of my child on the web?

Viktoria wonders when her daughter should actually start posting photos of herself and her everyday life on the internet and what she should bear in mind. Lidia de Reese provides important tips and advice.



Which apps are good for my child?

There are millions of apps. It is not always easy for you as parents to keep track of everything. Which offers are useful for children and how do I find them? Our media educator Lidia de Reese ventures a response.



Should I monitor my child’s smartphone use?

Many parents wonder how to control their child’s smartphone use. But does it even make that much sense? How much freedom should young people have in using media in the first place? Björn Schreiber from the Internet Guide for Parents (elternguide.online) answered the question.



Should continuous consumption on YouTube be stopped?

Mirko’s son is constantly hanging out on YouTube. He wonders what his child finds so fascinating about the video platform. Our media educator Björn Schreiber provides some initial answers.

Parents ask – we answer: How much media time is too much?

Parents often wonder how much time in front of the tablet, smartphone and other media is useful and at what point it might become harmful. This question is not as easy as one might think. Lidia from Elternguide.online answered them anyway.



When is a lot too much? – Instagram and self-presentation

Parents often cannot understand how and why their children use apps and social media offerings. They want to try out and present themselves there. Stefan asked Elternguide.online for advice. Björn Schreiber was happy to answer his question.

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