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Discover books or learn languages with the TING listening pen

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Tool description
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In addition to the well-known tiptoi, there are other interactive listening pens such as the TING listening pen. Find out here whether it can be an alternative for you.

In a nutshell:

  • for children from 2 years
  • usable in combination with books, games, globes and puzzles
  • Works across publishers
  • large and diverse range of compatible products
  • costs from 39,99 €

What does the TING listening pen offer?

TING works just like other read-aloud pens: if you tap on a symbol, specific image or text, the pen plays additional information – in the form of sounds, languages or music. This is how books, games and toys come to life. TING recognizes the code when tapped and plays the matching file through the integrated speaker (or through the headphone output).

TING can be used across all publishers. Examples of publishers are: Langenscheidt, Cornelsen, Duden, Klett, Haba, Coppenrath or also Finken. Language learning is also possible with the TING through various language learning programs and games.

So far, there are two TING versions: TINGclassic and TINGsmart. Both versions offer up to 4GB of storage. The TING program can be used to manage the data on the pen.

What fascinates children about it?

It is exciting for children to experience the information they find in a book in different ways. If, for example, it is not only explained how the call of an owl sounds, but an audio example can also be played, this is an exciting reading experience for children.

The TING hearing pen is easy to operate with just two buttons. Thanks to the various partner publishers, there is a large and diverse range of products.

What does the provider think?

This provider advertises the features of its product: “The device is characterized by a short response time and excellent sound quality”. In addition, the reading pen offers a headphone output.

What should parents pay attention to?

The Ting is available from €39.99. The pen does not offer a recording function. File management via the TING program is possible from Windows and Mac computers using the supplied USB cable.

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