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How much media time is appropriate?

One question that is often asked is what is the appropriate media time or duration of use. It is not easy to give an answer that fits all children. Because every child is different! You know your child best. Therefore, you can best answer this question yourself by observing your child’s media use and recognizing what is good for him or her and fun, or when your child reaches his or her limits. However, it is important that you agree on times and duration, e.g. with the help of a media use contract. Media rituals also help your child structure their day and media use. For adolescents, hand over responsibility for appropriate media time step by step. Nevertheless, stay in conversation with your child. Does it understand what the show, movie or game is about? Does certain content scare him? Does it know age restrictions on movies and games and security settings on devices and apps? Ask what media content your child likes and why. If it has little or no alternative interests and activities, or if any non-use causes great stress, consider together what you can change.

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