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Media as babysitter?

Children watching television | Copyright: Thomas Koehler/photothek.net

Who does not know this? Weekend, 6:00. The child is wide awake, but you are not. So it’s easy to just turn on the TV or tablet and have at least a few well-deserved minutes of peace and quiet – and why not? In everyday family life, there are simply moments when tablet or television are a convenient way to take a quick breath. And it’s so convenient that it’s very hard for us not to do it. As long as it doesn’t become a habit and we don’t misuse media to the detriment of the child, it’s perfectly permissible. However, you should then make sure that your child can only access age-appropriate and familiar media content and that he or she does not sit alone in front of the device for hours on end. Because especially in the early years, your child needs guidance when using media.

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