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Media use in the first years of life

Media are already present in the lives of young children. There is no need to introduce them to the media artificially, because they usually come into contact with them as a matter of course in the family.
Babies and toddlers also gradually use media actively, for example, when dad or big sister looks at a book together with the little one. Photos with the cell phone and the weekly video chat with the grandparents are also already part of the experience for many young children.

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At two or three years old, children can already understand and use more. In addition to playing indoors and outdoors, their favorite activities include watching TV, reading books, listening to radio plays and listening to the radio. The Internet becomes relevant when they watch children’s series via tablet, for example.

Whether it makes sense to introduce your child to digital media at an early age is ultimately your decision. In any case, your child should not be left alone in this process and the choice of content should be appropriate to his or her age. By using media together creatively as well, such as making a photo collage for grandma or recording sounds in the woods, you are promoting your child’s media literacy.

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