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Wide range of Internet services for children

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Children also want to surf the Internet. Since they have different interests and needs than adults, there are websites for children. It’s very important to give children ways to find content on the web quickly and easily at an early age. These opportunities should be both interesting and age-appropriate. Germany has a remarkable and unique children’s website landscape. The websites are regularly maintained and are tailored to the needs of children. Here, children can find out about world events or their hobbies and research many other topics. You can play games, meet friends, share or produce your own pictures, videos and even web pages. In this way, they get to know the Internet in all its diversity – in an age-appropriate Internet world. As adults enter secondary school, Internet services become more and more interesting. Your child should be introduced to them slowly and learn to use them safely.

You can find good children’s sites at seitenstark.de. You can find out how to recognize a good website for children here.

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