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Hörbert – the somewhat different audio box

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It looks like a classic radio: the hörbert listening box. Listening boxes are very popular with children and there is a wide selection on the market. Like many other boxes, hörbert also advertises with foolproof usability. But hörbert looks a little different and brings other special features.

In brief

  • sturdy and wireless wooden MP3 player
  • easy to use for children from 2.5 years old
  • the wide range of music and stories can be supplemented by buying new memory cards
  • hörbert is usable without internet
  • expensive purchase

What is the hörbert box?

The best way to describe hörbert is as a wooden MP3 player. It was specially designed for children from 2.5 years. Simple and few functions should help children to use the hearing box intuitively. hörbert has nine colorful buttons in addition to the on/off switch and volume control. Behind each button is a whole playlist of songs or stories. Clicking the same button will jump one track further. For fast forward and rewind, there are two more buttons that the child can easily operate independently.

When you purchase an hörbert, songs and stories are included on a memory card with 140 minutes of runtime. The content can be overdubbed with your own favorite songs and audiobooks using the software.

What excites children and adults about hörbert?

The box offers clear functions and a simple design, which allows children to operate it independently.

The simple transfer of the memory card with a variety of new content will not let you get bored. Children (with your help) can download their own favorite songs and stories to the memory card and play them through hörbert. Thanks to its own software, Hörbert does not need the internet or the cloud and does not require any personal data from you or your child.

You can also limit the maximum volume via a small additional switch next to the battery, e.g. for small children or if your child wants to listen to a story in bed at night.

Is your child growing up bilingual or would like to get a taste of other languages at an early age? Songs and stories are available at hörbert in German, but also multilingual.

If you want, you can even get creative and make your own hörbert! For this, you order “hörbert’s electronics kit” and can build your own individual creation of the box together with your children.

What does the provider say?

“Children can operate hörbert entirely by themselves from about 2.5 years of age, because then they are strong enough to operate the on/off switch.” According to the supplier, in addition to the simple operation, the robust design is specially designed for children: hörbert works wirelessly and the batteries are tightly sealed. The box can withstand shocks. If something does happen, the individual components can be repaired or replaced. The hörbert is produced in a way that conserves resources. The box is made in Germany. Due to the environmentally friendly processing, there is no health risk for (small) children.

What should you look out for as a parent?

Buying the hörbert box is not for the small purse: without special requests and individual engraving, it costs € 239.00 in the in-house store. Additional memory cards with more than four hours of content have a cost factor of €29.90. The electronics kit for tinkerers is available for 119,00 €. A cheaper alternative is, for example, the Toniebox.

Although listening to stories and music is an enriching experience for children, it does not replace reading aloud by parents. Media are not babysitters and they should always be there, especially with young children, when their children have their first experience with media.

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