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FLIMMO – Television with children’s eyes

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3-13 years
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“But I want to watch TV longer, just a little bit more!” – this child substitute should be familiar to most parents. Television – whether via the classic offerings or via streaming app – is a popular topic of contention in families and often leads to discussions. Reconciling the children’s wishes with the adults’ ideas is not always easy. How long can I let my child watch TV without a guilty conscience? How do I select suitable shipments? What devices and channels do people watch on? FLIMMO was created precisely to answer questions of this kind.

FLIMMO in a nutshell:

  • Parents’ guide to child-friendly moving image content
  • Pedagogical recommendations by age
  • Movies, series and shows from media libraries, streaming services, YouTube and TV channels
  • accessible free of charge via the website

FLIMMO – popular children’s television at a glance

On the flimmo.de website, you as a parent can quickly find out whether a particular series or program is suitable for your child. You will also find out what is currently on TV and whether there is anything suitable for your daughter or son. Children not only use traditional television programming, but also watch on streaming platforms and YouTube . The FLIMMO experts try to check all interesting offers for children. The focus is on the perspective of young media users: What do they like about movies, series, shows …? What causes them problems? What do they like to watch on TV or YouTube and why? How do they deal with media experiences and how do they process them?

The assessments point out problematic issues or warn of possible excessive demands. In the same way, it is made clear what interests, fascinates or amuses children at the respective age. A traffic light shows at a glance whether a film, series or YouTube channel is suitable for children or not – and if so, from what age.

FLIMMO also addresses issues surrounding media education in the family and helps parents meet the challenges of everyday media life with brief information and practical tips.

Who is behind FLIMMO?

FLIMMO is a project of the non-profit association Programmberatung für Eltern e.V. FLIMMO is scientifically and pedagogically based. Experienced media educators from the JFF – Institute for Media Education take care of the content and ratings. FLIMMO also regularly surveys 3- to 13-year-olds about their preferences. More about the concept and the rating system.

How to use FLIMMO in the family

Even though the offer is primarily aimed at you as a parent, it can be exciting to click through the website’s content together with your child. FLIMMO ‘s simple and clear rating system is well suited for finding suitable content. If your child tells you about an interesting series or YouTube channel, you can look up what FLIMMO has to say about it together.

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