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Politics for children

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3-13 years
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Whenever it comes to political elections, children also get to hear about it. Whether it’s posters on street lamps, conversations about candidates at the kitchen table, election advertising in the media, or party information booths with balloons in the shopping street.

Even if children and young people are not yet allowed to vote themselves, they realize that politics also affects them, especially when it comes to issues such as climate protection, Corona and education. Perhaps your child is already asking questions or you would like to introduce him or her to political topics. There are good offers on the Internet that prepare such content in a safe and child-friendly way:

  • Kuppelkucker is the children’s Internet portal from the German Bundestag. Children between the ages of 5 and 11 can explore the Bundestag and German politics together with Karlchen the eagle. Games, explanatory films, an encyclopedia and much more can be found on the site. Parents and teachers will also find helpful content here.
  • HanisaulLand is an offer of the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb). The site is aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 14. The aim is to give them simple and understandable access to the subject of politics. The heart and origin is a comic strip with rabbit (=Ha), hippo (=Ni) and sow. There is a lot of understandable information, tips, entertainment and active participation offers around political topics. The lexicon is also available in Arabic.
  • On TV and in the media libraries, there are also series and videos suitable for children that deal with politics: Die Maus explains the Bundestag elections and there is a Logo special page on elections and politics in Germany. At KIKA, there are many more videos about politics – presented in an understandable way for children.
  • Geolino explains how children do have a say in elections – namely by talking to grandma and grandpa or other adults.
  • See our News for Kids post for more tips on good websites that kids can use to find out about political issues.

Politics is not just for adults! Many children are interested in what is happening in the world and want to have their say – because it is also about their future in this country and in this world.

Depending on the child’s individual stage of development, you should watch the news specifically for the appropriate age together with your child and discuss what you have seen with your child. Younger children in particular can relate news too much to themselves and find it difficult to assess the extent to which the content specifically affects them and changes their lives.

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