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Corona news suitable for children

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The Corona pandemic made a big difference in everyone’s lives. We have to restrict ourselves greatly and follow rules in order not to endanger ourselves and others. We are unsettled because we do not know what will happen next and how dangerous the virus is for us.

Children are particularly affected by the restrictions and also want to know what is happening in the world. They cannot go to school or daycare, are not allowed to meet their friends or visit their grandparents. Children often understand even less than adults what is happening.

What you can do as a parent

Even if you yourself are unsure and do not understand everything about Corona, you should help your child deal with the current situation. Similar to adults, children can cope better with prohibitions and restrictions if they can understand them. Just like you, your child has a need to be informed when something changes. Don’t leave your child out when there are new developments and policies, but include them and talk about them. Explain to your child why it is important to keep your distance or reduce contact.

The pandemic triggers a feeling of uncertainty and helplessness in most people. Children usually find it difficult to separate fears and fantasy from reality. Talk to your child about concerns and questions and be sure to take them seriously. In this way, you can help your child to realistically assess the virus and the risks it poses.

Use child-friendly news offers

Certain offerings can help your child better understand the situation. Child-friendly news sites report in a simple and understandable way. Short videos help absorb difficult information without getting bored quickly. Complex scientific contexts and political decisions become more understandable through everyday examples. Such special messaging services also refrain from using photos or videos that might frighten your child.

Watching websites and messages like Logo! together can help your child understand better and not be afraid. They are there and can respond to inquiries and concerns.

Independent media use and information gathering is also important for your child and strengthens them in their media skills. As a parent, you should still keep an eye on which websites your child visits. You can best assess whether your child can already safely visit such sites alone and understand the content!

It is not always easy for children to distinguish fake news from news from trustworthy sources. You may quickly encounter and believe false reports or conspiracy narratives about Corona. This can add to the fear and uncertainty. Therefore, always be close by to respond to possible questions. Here you can find more tips on how to deal with Fake News.

Find out about child-friendly and safe information services. Here, too, there are differences. Some of the offerings are more text-based and aimed at older children, while others provide information in a simple form for younger children. Agree with your child on specific news channels or sites where he or she is allowed to find out about current issues on his or her own.

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