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Bright head

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6-17 years
Tool description

In a nutshell:

  • Search engine especially for children and teenagers
  • in addition to the search function, numerous editorial articles and recommendations on the home page
  • safe community function for children and teenagers
  • Advertising on the offer

What is Bright Head?

At www.helles-koepfchen.de you can access a special search engine which, on the basis of a checked website catalog, displays only websites suitable for children and young people in the search results. This is to prevent adolescents from encountering content that may disturb or frighten them.

Similar to a news site for adults, the portal already offers a selection of interesting, child-friendly articles, games, etc. on the homepage. These are divided into different categories: Knowledge, Reportage, Games & Fun and Community.

Your child can also become active on the site as a youth reporter and create their own articles. By registering, your child can also sign up for the community and interact with others in the discussion forum.

What should parents pay attention to?

As with all offers for children, you as parents should accompany your child during their first experiences with the Internet and be the contact person. For example, on your first visit, take a look at what’s available with your child and discuss the possible features and diverse offerings.

The children’s search engine www.helles-koepfchen.de contains advertising. Please discuss with your child the difference between an advertisement and an article created by an independent editorial team.

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