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Blinde Kuh

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6-13 years
Tool description

With Blinde Kuh , children can learn how to use a search engine in a safe surfing space, because only children’s sites are displayed.

In a nutshell:

  • Search engine for children between 8 and 12 years
  • Compilation of children’s pages by an editorial team and technical aids
  • numerous additional offers on the start page, e.g. news, video presentations, games, etc.

What is the Blinde Kuh?

Blinde Kuh is one of the oldest and best known search engines just for children in Germany. By entering keywords, your child can search for a lot of different and safe content here or browse through different topics.

Based on a safety-tested catalog, you get child-friendly search results. The catalog is created by an editorial team with the help of technical means. In addition to web pages, videos are also displayed in the search results.

Under the button “News” you can find the latest and interesting news for children. In the “Join in” section, your child can send in stories, reports or reports they have written themselves. There are also games and information about safety on the net.

Click here to go directly to Blinde Kuh: www.blindekuh.de

More info for parents is also available: www.blinde-kuh.de/faqs/index.html

What should parents pay attention to?

Children’s search engines are a good introduction to the world of the Internet. They can be a good preparation for using common and well-known search engines. The pre-testing of all content provides a very high level of security for your child. Nevertheless, you should accompany your child, especially when using it for the first time, and explore the search engine together. This also allows important functions for the search to be explained in more detail.

If your child finds a page among the results that scares him/her, he/she can report it using the “Report page” button. The alarms received are checked daily. Your child also has the opportunity to suggest websites. The media education team checks the pages and can approve them for the children’s search engine if necessary.

For more tips on how to use the Blinde Kuh, check out this video:

(Source: kindersache.de/bereiche/juki)

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