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Creative with Fortnite and Minecraft

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Fortnite and Minecraft have long been among the most popular games among children and young people. Perhaps your child will also play one of these games with great enthusiasm. You can find out more about this and what you as a parent should keep in mind when playing these games in our descriptions of the games.
Besides the combat or survival modes, both games have also offered a creative mode for some time now.

Building huts, houses, cities and entire worlds has always been a central game principle in Minecraft. In Fortnite, on the other hand, players were previously able to build items, but they were used to gain advantages over fellow players in battle. Creativity was only a superficial issue, since all the buildings were lost after the end of the playing time.

In December 2018, the manufacturer of Fortnite released a new creative mode, through which players will have completely new opportunities in building.

Create your own worlds in creative mode

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In Fortnite’s new creative mode, you can build your own island together or with friends, without any time pressure. For this purpose, the players have at their disposal not only the materials and components, but also ready-made objects. These can be customized and combined as desired to create entire cities or landscapes. For example, there are objects in the categories of office, factory, disco and course. In the creative mode, the islands can be visited by friends, and depending on the setting of the teammates, can also be edited. What’s special about Fortnite’s creative mode is that you can not only create an island entirely according to your own ideas, but also customize the game rules. Thus, settings for the game mode or time limit can be specified, as well as the number of ammunition and resources. The game state or the construction progress is saved. Finally, you can play with friends in battle mode on the specially created island.

Minecraft ‘s creative mode focuses on creating extensive and artistic buildings. Unlike Fortnite, there are no pre-made objects here. Players create buildings or even complete cities from building blocks made of different materials. In creative mode, the materials are unlimited, the score is always saved. The simple blocks offer players the opportunity to freely create worlds according to their ideas. Minecraft is now also used in schools across subjects to promote creativity and imagination.

Opportunities for the development of children and young people

Both games thus offer players the chance to create and expand the virtual worlds in which they move with their characters and to exert greater influence on the course of the game. In creative mode, fighting is completely omitted, which makes the gameplay much more relaxed. When building a shared world with others, children can agree on rules in advance. This also promotes social behavior in the group. Players can help each other when they encounter problems with building.

If your child is a fan of Fortnite or Minecraft, ask what they like about the games and have them show you the game. Make your child aware of the creative mode if it is not already known. Through this, your child can perceive the game in a completely different way and become creative themselves.

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