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Creativity and learning with audio pen Anybook

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3-10 years
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Read aloud pens are in vogue. The Anybook tries to stand out from the crowd by offering creative opportunities and support for learning above all else.

In a nutshell:

  • Reading pen with recording function
  • for children from approx. 3 years
  • does not offer its own products such as books or similar.
  • available from 89,90 €

What can the Anybook do?

The Anybook listening pen and the included stickers can be used to implement your own audio projects. The pen has a recording function with which the stickers can be recorded. The stickers can be used as desired. Whether it’s a book, a game, or something similar. Any desired object can simply be pasted with a sticker for this purpose. There is also the possibility to assign audio files via the included Anybook Case software. The provider does not offer its own accessory products such as books.

What is exciting for children about the Anybook?

With the Anybook reading pen, there are no limits to creativity. It is very easy to implement your own projects with the audio pen. Whether games, own small books or the like. Children have a lot of fun with this and find it exciting to hear their own recorded voice.

What does the provider think?

“Children who learn with the help of the Anybook Reader are particularly motivated because they engage with language and writing in such a playful way. The children’s curiosity is awakened.”. The provider AnyBook promises learning support and language promotion. It also offers exercises and ideas for this on its own website.
The Anybook is recommended for children over the age of three.

What should parents pay attention to?

The Anybook reading pen is comparatively expensive at around €90. A somewhat cheaper alternative is, for example, the tiptoi reading pen, which also has a recording function in addition to many related products.

Anybook is only suitable for own projects, because it has to be discussed or recorded by yourself. However, this can be particularly conducive to creativity. If you’re still looking for inspiration, check out our posts on “Making Media Yourself.”

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