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Make your own media: Listening pens for creative minds

2 minutes reading time
3-10 years
Copyright: Michael Gottschalk/photothek.net

Read-aloud pens bring a whole new reading experience to your child as they enhance classic books with audio. We have already explained here how these work exactly and which ones are available on the market. But you can not only be read to, you can even play audio pens yourself and bring your very own stories to life with audios.

Create your own audio pen content

To create your own audio content and integrate it into the desired book, there are special recording stickers. These stickers store the content that you have recorded using the stylus. They can be individually recorded with sounds, stories or even music. Playback works with the listening pen by swiping the tip of the pen across the corresponding sticker. The stickers can be stuck on objects or paper and can be erased and revisited at any time. Either the sounds are recorded directly via the pen or they are loaded onto the pen via USB. For this purpose, e.g. the AnyBook or the Bookii can be used.

Ideas for using individual listening pen stickers

You can use the recording function to set picture books to music together with your child, for example. Does your daughter or son have a favorite picture book? Then come up with dialogues and sounds together and record them with the listening pen. If you stick the associated stickers to the corresponding places in the book, the next read-aloud will be a special experience. Or record questions that play at certain points, such as “Where is the dog?”.

Bring old familiar games like memory to life with the stickers and the pens. The duck receives a sticker on a card that can be used to play the quack with the listening pen. For example, your child can learn animal sounds.

The special stickers can also be used in language learning as concept stickers by sticking them on objects for vocabulary learning.

I’m sure you can think of more creative ideas on how to use the listening pen!

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