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We explained that music is important and beautiful for children in our article Accompanying children’s songs with apps.

In addition to apps, there are also some websites and YouTube channels that support listening, making and discovering music together as a family. If you don’t know how to play an instrument yourself or don’t think you are musical, this is a great way to introduce music to your child.

Children songs on YouTube

On the channel Children’s Songs with Bobby there are music videos with the llama Bobby. The colorful music videos designed as cartoons feature newly recorded children’s songs. They are also available on their own website kinderlieder-mit-bobby.de – sorted by categories like Christmas songs, music mix or lullabies.

The Children’s Songs to Sing and Move Along channel delivers just that: familiar and new children’s songs that show children and adults singing and dancing and encourage them to join in. The selection on this channel is huge and there are different playlists and categories under which the songs can be found.

Children’s songs on YouTube are mainly for younger children. If you are looking for and playing children’s songs this way, it is best to use the YouTube Kids app. Then you and your child won’t see any ads before and during the video, and it will be easier for you to find suitable video offers for children.

Musical websites of a special kind

In the sound box of the WDR you can explore the big world around music. The site is designed as a web app, so it also works very well via smartphone. There are rhythm and sound games, concert videos and much more. The sound box is something for older children, who can learn and try out a lot about music here. There is even more music for all age groups to discover at Kiraka: Here you can find videos on current chart music, interviews with interesting female musicians as well as info clips on Beethoven and others.

Africa Junior offers insights into the musical worlds of distant countries. You can listen to popular children’s songs from different regions of Africa, watch video clips and there is a quiz on African music.

The very simply designed website Surakinder offers a musical and picture-rich world of experience for children. Select a field and dive in together with your child. With beautiful music, there are dancing flowers, fairy tale characters and much more to discover.

Classical music for children

On the site of Junge Klassik you can learn a lot about instruments and classical music. The site is quite colorful and playful design. Even adults can discover new things here! There’s even more at Trompis Tondschungel, where kids can go on a musical expedition.

Operas are more for adults, aren’t they? With the Opera Maker app, children can discover the world of opera and tell their own stories about it. The website shows what this can look like.

There is also a lot to learn about music at the Children’s Radio College. Open your ears and go! This can even help in music lessons at school. And if you don’t feel like clicking, why not watch an episode of hr2-Lauschinsel together?

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