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Seitenstark – in search of inspiration

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Are you or your child looking for inspiration for exciting websites that are also kid-friendly? ThenSeitenstark is the right thing!

In a nutshell:

  • Network of around 60 children’s sites
  • Children and parents or teachers can get information and inspiration
  • High standards of quality and protection of children and young people from harmful media

What is Seitenstark?

Seitenstark.de is a children’s website that lists and presents a variety of child-friendly Internet sites. These pages deal with many different topics, such as the environment and nature, music and film, art and culture, politics, religion. Seitenstark is an association of now more than 60 children’s sites that are united by high standards of quality and protection of children and young people in the media.

In addition, Seitenstark provides important information on the topic of “Security on the Internet”. Your child will learn more about the Internet in general, about bullying and will receive advice on how to handle their own data.

What should parents pay attention to?

When you gradually release your child more independently into the world of the Internet, he or she should already have learned a few rules and have safe places to go to find offers suitable for children. For this, Seitenstark is a great option.

The website is divided into a children’s section and a section for parents and teachers. You can let your child surf alone in the kids’ area with a clear conscience, which gives them confidence and teaches them media literacy. In principle, however, you should ensure that the discussed media use times are adhered to and that you remain in communication with your child. And you yourself can also get information on the site.

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