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6-17 years
Tool description

Becoming a music star – that’s the big dream for many children. But the way to get there is quite difficult. The Garageband app aims to provide an easy introduction to producing music.

In a nutshell:

  • App with which music can be produced and cut
  • for iOS, preinstalled on all Apple devices, free of charge
  • released from 4 years

What can Garageband do?

Garageband is a free app that lets you create and then edit music. There is a so-called “Sound Library”, i.e. a collection of instruments and voices, which can be used for this purpose. For example, there are countless presets for guitar and a large selection of percussion instruments such as drums, drums and percussion. Different rhythms or ready-made melodies can be selected here, for example . In addition, your own voice or instrument can also be recorded.

So your child can produce their own songs in just a few steps. This can be done on a home computer or on the go on a tablet or cell phone. Finished songs can of course be saved and shared.

What fascinates children and young people about the offer?

Creating their own song and being able to play it to their grandparents or friends is a great incentive for many children. Music enthusiasts will really get their money’s worth here, and maybe even the one or other music muffle can be brought a bit to the taste. The app offers endless possibilities to combine pre-made music, instruments or voices with your own recordings.

What can be problematic about the offer?

The age rating from 4 years is a bit questionable, since such a young child will probably still be a bit overwhelmed. However, the app itself is harmless because children can give free rein to their creativity without necessarily having to go online.

However, if your child uses excerpts from commercial music, for example, , you must be aware of copyright laws. This is especially important if your child wants to upload his or her finished work to YouTube, for example. In most cases, the author of a piece of music must be asked before his work may be published and modified.

What does the provider think?

Garagebandis pre-installed on all Apple devices and is free. The provider recommends use from the age of four.

What should parents pay attention to?

The app is a nice way for your child to let off steam and try out their musical skills. Accompany especially younger children in their first steps and discuss the different possibilities with him. It’s also a good way to explain to your child what copyright law is all about, because your child doesn’t want his or her finished work to be altered without his or her knowledge.


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