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Make your own media?!

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3-17 years
Copyright: Ute Grabowsky/photothek.net

Painting pictures, kneading or making funny figures out of chestnuts… These are typical things you’ve probably done with your kids at home. But making media yourself?! Typically, you only watch them or maybe play a computer game. It’s not that hard to get creative and produce something together. And it’s fun too!

Today, there is at least one smartphone in every household. Tablets are also present in many families. These devices offer countless possibilities for media production that are easy to try out because most of them are not complicated at all. Smartphone and tablet have at least one camera and a built-in microphone. There are also plenty of apps for creative design in the app stores – for image editing and creating photo collages, for producing cartoons and editing videos, for painting and making radio plays, and much more.

By producing media yourself, you can learn a lot and have a lot of fun – kids and adults alike! You learn the technical handling of the equipment and how certain media are made. You learn that it takes a little time for a product to look the way you want it to. But making media is not just something for the elderly. Even kindergarten children can make simple animated films or edit photos. Perhaps you will discover previously hidden talents in your child.

In the posts below this one, you’ll find our media-making guides to try out with your kids.

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