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Huggy Wuggy – the creepy phenomenon

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3-17 years
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Cute at first glance, creepy at second: the Huggy Wuggy cuddly toy can be found in and outside many stores and is definitely not for children. Because Huggy Wuggy actually comes from brutal and terrifying videos that are hard for kids to digest.

In brief

  • ubiquitous as a cuddly toy
  • originally the main character of the computer game “Poppy Playtime”.
  • Game partially only released from 16 years (in Google Play Store)
  • On the Internet circulate numerous shock videos with the cuddly toy
  • But the cute look also appeals to children

What is Huggy Wuggy anyway?

Huggy Wuggy looks at first like any cuddly toy: it has long arms and legs, big googly eyes and soft blue fur. It is clear that children find the figure great. And because children are a popular target group, Huggy Wuggy is now also heavily offered for children. The cuddly toy is already available in all colors, you can buy backpacks, clothes or carnival costumes with it.

The problem is that Huggy Wuggy’s big, grinning mouth hides a row of sharp teeth. And behind the cute facade hides pure creepiness. Because Huggy Wuggy comes from the computer game “Poppy Playtime”. In this horror game, players are in a toy factory and have to fight against live, extremely vicious and creepy toys and escape from the factory. Huggy Wuggy is the leader of the creepy toy army that chases the players and scares them.

Why is Huggy Wuggy problematic for children?

You might think the cuddly toy alone wouldn’t be a problem as long as kids don’t play the game to it. Unfortunately, however, this is a bit short of the mark. On the one hand, Huggy Wuggy is already suitable for scaring younger or more sensitive children because of the many, pointed teeth. The bigger problem, however, is that children are exposed to digital media at a very early age. Even if the children do not come into contact with the actual game: What the Internet has to offer about Huggy Wuggy is enough for nightmares. Indeed, online you can find creepy pictures in large numbers. On the popular video platforms there are not only Lets Play videos, but also videos in which Huggy Wuggy abruptly appears to scare people and spread fear. For children,this blending of a sweet fictional character with such a terrifying portrayal is difficult to understand and process.

What can parents do?

Parents often find themselves in a difficult situation when the subject comes up at home Huggy Wuggy. They want to protect their children, but without looking like killjoys. Therefore, it is important to get well informed first: If you know what is behind the Huggy Wuggy phenomenon, you will be much better able to form your own opinion and discuss your concerns with your children.

Listen to your children’s concerns and questions, listen to their perspectives, and take an interest. Ask where the child knows the plush figure from, what they like about it, or what they already know about it. That way, you can stay in the conversation and be the point of contact when your child may have already seen content that frightens or unsettles him or her.

Nevertheless, take a clear and reasoned position and explain to your child why you might not want to buy the stuffed animal. An open and appreciative conversation can create understanding here – while prohibitions often only lead to children no longer talking about their experiences.

For more information about the Huggy Wuggy phenomenon, visit FLIMMO.

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