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Make your own media: Papercraft

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6-17 years
Quelle: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9a/Dibujo_edit.jpg CC0

Origami – paper art is no longer found only in Asia. The three-dimensional objects made of paper and cardboard for self-folding enjoy great popularity. The whole thing is called “Papercraft”, roughly “paper model”. If your child or you enjoy crafting and like to be creative, give it a try. Doing crafts together not only promotes motor skills, but also bonds the family together. It is especially nice to have a joint model in hand at the end.

Creating a papercraft requires patience and some time, which is why it’s best suited for a family activity together. And by the way, as a result you have made together a great decoration for the living room or children’s room or a gift for grandma and grandpa!

Most templates can be found on websites and blogs where they can be downloaded and printed for free (e.g. B. at https://www.pinterest.de/ or https://www.mypapercraft.net/). There are templates for crafting from the most diverse areas: Animals, nature, technology, famous buildings and much more! There are also many templates for figures from popular computer games. Together with your child, go on the Internet and search for your favorite. For example, use the search term “papercraft templates” or Papercraft Vorlagen”. In the beginning, it is advisable to try simpler models to avoid frustration and quickly feel a sense of achievement. Slowly work your way up in difficulty. Once you have found your desired template together with your family or child, all you need for the most part is the following:

  • desired template printed on suitable paper
  • Scissors or cutter (the latter should not be used by your child unsupervised)
  • if a cutter is used: a suitable base for cutting and, if necessary, protective gloves
  • Adhesive

Then you can start folding, creasing, cutting and gluing! The templates and craft instructions (depending on the level of difficulty available) are often self-explanatory and created in detail. And without realizing it, handicrafts train motor skills such as dexterity and promote logical thinking in young and old alike. Papercraft also offers an attractive change from playing games on the screen or surfing the net. And maybe it’s even something for the next children’s birthday party?

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