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(Media) Challenges in the Family

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3-17 years
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Challenges are a favorite format of kids and teens – online and offline. If you spend a lot of time at home, you can play so-called media challenges with the whole family.

You can read about what exactly lies behind the Internet phenomenon of challenges in our article on the subject. Challenges don’t necessarily have to take place only online. It’s also fun to play them at home. Especially when the whole family is home a lot due to Corona, challenges can be a nice way to spend time together.

Ideas for (media) challenges

In the Top Photo Challenge all family members take photos with their smartphones and/or cameras throughout the day. In the evening, everyone picks their favorite pictures of the day and they all look at them together. The best images can then be captured in a photo collage, for example. Thus, in addition to beautiful photos, a great memory of the time together remains.

A challenge for all generations is the Re-enactment Challenge . This involves recreating photos that, for example, parents and grandpa still have from their childhood. The children try to imitate the photos with their smartphones. This includes finding matching items and clothing. Conversely, the older ones can recreate photos of the younger ones. Who manages to imitate a photo the best?

At the Game-Challenge is about video or computer games: Each family member chooses a game that has a special meaning for him or her. She or explain to the other family members why the game is so great. Afterwards, everyone can try it out together. This challenge can take place over several days or weeks, when a different game is introduced and played each time. Of course, you can also introduce board and card games.

In the Quiz Challenge the question is “Who will be the new quiz master in the family?” Apps such as Kahoot! or Actionbound make it easy to create your own quiz on your smartphone or tablet. Anyone can develop their own quiz questions. One also additionally set tasks. It’s guaranteed not to get boring!

In the Clip Challenge, a video must be shot under time pressure. Each family member has one hour to create an exciting 30-second clip. The clip can be about a specific topic or message. You can also use it to capture moments at home, such as “On the hunt for clues: Who ate the yogurt?”. As in an online report, the clip should be fast and exciting cut. You can do this with iMovie for Apple devices or Power Director for Android devices, for example.

Of course, not everyone in the family has their own smartphone, tablet or laptop. Challenges are also fun without a lot of technology and can be done with just one device. For example, you can take turns with a smartphone. Or each member of the family may use the device on one day and at the end of the week the results are compiled. Have fun playing!

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