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Media usage contract

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3-17 years
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Tool description

Who is allowed to do what with media and for how long? These issues come up in every family sooner or later and not infrequently cause stress and arguments. Rules on media use can help create a structure and avoid conflicts. These can be discussed by parents and children together and recorded in a contract. The online tool for a media usage contract presented here — an offer by klicksafe and the Internet-ABC — is suitable for this purpose.

In a nutshell:

  • Free online tool, accessible via: www.mediennutzungsvertrag.de
  • Contract can be customized and personalized
  • Selection from many rule proposals
  • Own rules can be integrated
  • Creative backgrounds
  • Print directly

How does the creation of the contract work?

The tool guides you step by step to the finished paper. You can choose from two age groups (6-12 years and 12+) and choose a title design, a mascot and a background. All the rules you select are automatically inserted like building blocks, so it’s easy to keep track of them all. Each module can be edited individually. Of course, you can also insert your own rules. At the end save the document, then it can be completed at another time. You can also create multiple contracts for different children.

Tips and backgrounds

Use the building blocks as a suggestion to start a conversation in your family about media use. Some possible rules you may not have thought about, others are already self-evident. Set priorities, because the tool offers very many ideas that do not all have to be implemented. There are several types of rules:

  • General rules (such as dealing with conflicts, questionable content, handling of devices)
  • Time regulation (determination of time quotas)
  • Cell phone (how to deal with apps and data, mobile-free places, dealing with costs).
  • Internet (such as security settings, use of websites).
  • Television (such as age-appropriate offerings, sharing).
  • Games (like common games, fairness)

A contract is nothing more than written down rules that have been agreed upon. The advantage is that you can always look at it and remember it.

A special feature is that rules can also be set for parents. For example, parents can commit to not using the cell phone even at dinner, or to using adult media content only when children are not present. Because rules are easier for children to understand if everyone has to follow them and you set a good example.

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