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Mobile children’s television with the Toggolino app

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Quelle: www.toggolino.de

The Toggolino app makes it child’s play to play Super RTL’s well-known stories with Peppa Wutz, Toggolino, Bob the Builder and Co. on your smartphone or tablet. The app also offers age-appropriate games, audio plays and music.

In a nutshell:

  • iOS and Android, free and possible without registration
  • For children between 2 and 6 years
  • Secure and tested content
  • Setting of times-of-use possible
  • Premium version with costs

What can the app do?

With the Toggolino app, the stories known from Super RTL are available as a media library to go for all mobile devices. Age-appropriate games, radio plays and music round out the offerings. All content is checked before it ends up in the app.

To prevent time in front of the screen from getting out of hand, parents can set a time limit in an area protected by a numerical code and restrict use to certain times of the day. However, this requires free registration with your own e-mail address. In principle, however, registration is not a must for use. However, with one account, up to three different profiles can additionally be created, so that favorite episodes or games can be saved in one profile. With a paid subscription (currently for €7.99), there is more content and no advertising.

What fascinates children about it?

Children who love watching Super RTL’s programming will find their heroes and favorite programs here. The app is very easy to use for toddlers who can’t read yet, as it doesn’t use a lot of text. Children at that age are interested in everything the big ones do and are also very curious and inquisitive. The Toggolino app can therefore be used to practice an initial approach to media. The games area, where numbers, colors, shapes or letters can be learned, is nicely designed. For slightly older children there are simple knowledge games.

What is problematic about the offer?

In the free version, there is a commercial before almost every show. Although this is child-friendly and clearly marked as such, it very often interrupts use. Only with a premium subscription is the use of the app free of advertising. The range of audio books and games is significantly reduced in the free version.

Whether premium version or not, the app will not work without an internet connection. If you want to use features like the time limit or user accounts, registration is required. This makes it necessary to enter the age and gender of your child in addition to your data. Based on this data, the child is then given suggestions of videos that he or she might like.

What does the provider think?

The premium subscription of the app can be cancelled monthly and has no minimum term. The series are checked for the protection of minors in accordance with legal requirements. According to Super RTL, the data generated when using the app is also only stored if it is really needed and not sold to third parties. You can find more info about the offer in the parents’ section of the app or on Toggolino.de . You can also read the privacy policy and legal information there.

What should parents pay attention to?

The app offers a large range in which children can quickly get lost, so it is recommended to use it with registration to be able to set usage profiles and usage times.

Since content is added regularly, there is always something new to discover. Take advantage of the time constraints and educate your child about them. It’s best to explore the content and different characters together. Make sure you have enough media downtime, too. With the Toggolino app , you can easily set when media time is over in the parents’ section. In general, apps should not replace time spent outdoors or with other hobbies. Our tips on the problem of media as a babysitter and many other topics can be found here on our parenting guide.

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