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Mobile children’s TV with the KiKA player app

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3-13 years
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Watching videos with your smartphone or tablet has many advantages. Above all, you don’t have to follow program times on TV. With the KiKA player app, you choose yourself which show you want to watch.

In a nutshell:

  • Free and ad-free app for iOS or Android
  • Suitable for children from 3 to 13 years
  • Useful life adjustable
  • No data transfer

What can the KiKA player app do?

With the KiKA Player app, you can watch a selected program from the Kinderkanal’s lineup on your smartphone. It is aimed at children from preschool age to about 13 years. With the ability to create different profiles for multiple children, the app can suggest appropriate age-appropriate content. The respective favorite videos can also be saved in the profiles. Parents can use the “AppWecker” to set the usage time by password, e.g. to one hour a day. There is also the option to limit the app only to videos that are suitable for preschoolers.

What fascinates children about it?

The operation and design are particularly child-friendly. Each child can choose their own avatar and favorite color. Children from preschool age to school age will find the popular and age-appropriate programs they know from KiKA here – from Shaun the Sheep to logo! to Einstein Castle. The KiKA Player is the extension of the KiKANiNCHEN app, which is intended for “media beginners” between the ages of about 3 to 5.

What is problematic about the offer?

So far, the KiKA player app only works online. The option of downloading individual videos or saving them for (later) offline use, as is the case with other media libraries on the web, does not currently exist. Being constantly connected to the Internet can easily lead to distraction. Even adults sometimes find it difficult not to lose themselves in the Internet and forget the time. For children, it is usually even more difficult to keep track of time. Always new suggestions of what to look at next can overwhelm and cause stress.

Who is the provider?

KiKA is a television program especially for children from ARD and ZDF. This means that the station is part of the public broadcasting system and can finance itself without advertising.

The Children’s Channel seeks to make both entertainment, information and children’s rights accessible to children.

All usage data is anonymized, collected and evaluated. Personal data will not be passed on to KiKA or third parties with this default setting unless you change it. You can also completely disable data analysis in the adult section of the app under the Privacy item.

What should parents pay attention to?

Make sure you are connected to the WLAN when you use the app, because it only works online.

Explore the range together with your child and find out which shows he or she likes best. Set fixed times of day when the videos may be watched so that your child can also spend enough media-free time with you or with peers.

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