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Data protection and privacy are central when it comes to secure cell phone use. Finding out about the privacy of certain apps and who can access which data often requires extensive research. At Mobile Safe users can obtain specific information about certain apps and quickly assess whether an app is safe.

In a nutshell:

  • Infoportal on data protection, privacy and safe cell phone use
  • free of charge and non-profit
  • independent and free of advertising
  • Content via website or YouTube channel
  • AppChecker: Database with test results for around 30,000 Android apps

What can it do?

Mobilsicher is an Internet portal that provides comprehensive information on the data protection and privacy of certain apps and explains the background of popular apps. Short articles or videos explain how to make certain settings and make your own cell phone use safer. Under the topic #Kids, parents will find many helpful articles, e.g. on the data protection of popular children’s apps, tips on how to make the child’s smartphone safer and how to set up parental control programs.

The heart of the portal is the AppChecker . Test results on data privacy and data usage of numerous Android apps are provided here. Mobilsicher analyzes popular apps for the AppChecker in terms of advertising, in-app purchases, and data behavior. It also explains about possible third-party providers, app permissions and access rights. The rating of apps can be seen at a glance using the so-called privacy score from 1 to 5. Apps can be found via the search bar and via the glossary, which contains all apps analyzed so far from A-Z. Mobilsicher is free and independent.

What can be problematic with the offer ?

The AppChecker offer is limited to Android apps. The provider states that other operating systems, such as iOS, are not supported because a comparable test is not possible. This excludes many potential users.

What should parents pay attention to?

You can get good information about the data security of apps via Mobilsicher. Note, however, that Mobilsicher only tests the apps for their data handling and privacy. The content of the apps or other risks, such as through communication with other people, is not considered in the evaluation. If an app is rated as good by AppChecker, this only says something limited about its suitability for your child. Therefore, use other sources to find out about appropriate media offerings. In our article on good apps for kids, you can learn more about informational resources and how to recognize a good kids app.

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