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Communication risks on the net

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When people talk to each other, it doesn’t seem dangerous to us at first. Today, communication also takes place digitally, and that entails various risks. On the occasion of Safer Internet Day 2020 we would like to show you how you and your family can use digital media safely despite communication risks.

Talking in pictures: When we write messages via Messenger, we not only use letters, but also emojis. However, care should be taken to avoid misunderstandings. Learn more in our article Communication with Emojis.

Communication is a basic human need. We exchange ideas with each other in different situations – even when gaming. Computer gaming often happens together, even if you’re sitting in different places while doing it. Communication takes place via a headset or the chat function within a game. You don’t always know who’s talking to you on the other end. If possible, you should block foreign contacts. What else there is to consider, you can read in our article Communication in online games .

Contact by strangers is risky because we don’t know the person’s intentions and who is actually communicating with us. Is it really the same age gamer friend? When strange adults write to children or young people via various social media services in order to initiate sexual contact, this is known as cybergrooming. It’s a serious risk that you can minimize by knowing what your child is doing online. Talk to him about possible risks, educate him about privacy settings and blocking options within apps, and above all, always be approachable!

Sometimes communication with friends and acquaintances can also become problematic. Among young people, there is a risk of cyberbullying, for example, via chat groups. It is helpful if rules are agreed on how to deal with messenger chats. Discuss this with other parents and your child’s teachers. Likewise, talk to your child about how to deal with insults and nasty comments. Rabble-rousing on the net can also spoil the fun of posting videos and photos on the net. Thinking carefully about what you post or share is the first step to a safe browsing experience.

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