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Parental control on smartphone or tablet with TimeLimit

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The TimeLimit app allows you to restrict access to certain apps on your smartphone. The special feature: You can create different usage settings for different apps. In addition, TimeLimit does not store any data in the basic version.

In a nutshell:

  • Flexible time and usage settings for different apps on the smartphone/tablet
  • only runs under Android
  • no age restriction
  • No data storage and no advertising
  • free of charge in the basic version (full version for 1,- € per month)

What can the app do?

You may know the app under the name JoLo Parental Control. In the advanced version it is called TimeLimit. The app can be installed on smartphones and tablets with Android. You install it either on the child’s device or your own, if the child does not yet use his or her own smartphone. It is also possible to control settings on the child’s device from their own smartphone.

Different user profiles can be created in the app, which can be accessed with a password. With TimeLimit, you can select apps that are generally available for use or only available on certain days of the week and at a certain time. So if the set time for the particular app or device has expired, it can no longer be used. So you can decide exactly when and how much something can be used, or who can use an app if multiple people are accessing a device.

The paid version allows settings to be made across device boundaries. You can decide whether to use local or networked mode, i.e. whether to connect your phone to your child’s. In local mode, all data remains on the device where the app is installed. In networked mode, data is transferred via a server of your choice. You can use TimeLimit ‘s default server or – for more control over your data – install the server component on your own server. With a paid add-on feature, the usage time for an app can be counted across multiple devices.

What can be problematic about the offer?

One shortcoming of the app is that it unfortunately does not run at all or not very well on some operating systems and devices. Installation on Apple devices is not possible. The app does not work well on Huawei and Wiko smartphones.

It should be noted that the energy-saving function of some smartphones terminates apps that are running in the background, such as TimeLimit, or prevents them from autostarting. Pre-installed task managers, system boosters and the like should also not be activated, as these sometimes allow TimeLimit to be terminated automatically. Apps installed after the fact have fewer permissions than preinstalled apps and are therefore unproblematic.

What does the provider say?

According to the German provider, TimeLimit does not create a log about the use of each app, so the privacy of all users is protected. According to the manufacturer, TimeLimit also works with end-to-end encryption, so that the provider cannot read the data.

What should parents pay attention to?

Controlling your child’s smartphone use should be carefully considered and dependent on how old your child is. With an app like TimeLimit, monitoring is not possible, only the restriction of usage times. You should arrange these together with your child in advance. They can also be part of a media use agreement with the family. Screen time and other regulations should be regularly reviewed and adjusted according to age.

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