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The Kids Zone parental control app

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To protect your children from dangerous content or cost traps, there are already some parental control apps. One of these apps is called Kids Zone. Here you set up a profile for your kids on the smartphone, with child-safe apps and limited screen time.

In a nutshell:

  • free basic version, pro version chargeable
  • only for Android devices
  • Enables limited use of apps and functions
  • rather suitable for younger children

How does Kids Zone work?

Kids Zone can be installed on your child’s device and is designed to enable safe cell phone use. Since you can create multiple profiles, you can set up the app on your smartphone even if your child doesn’t use their own device.

After creating the profile, select the apps you want to share with your child, such as music apps or children’s games. Some apps or certain settings can be locked. In the free basic version, you can block up to six apps. You then create a PIN for the profile so that you can activate (Lock Device) or deactivate (Unlock Device) it.

It is also possible to set a maximum usage time for the smartphone. After its expiration, the device locks automatically and can no longer be used.

Unlike other parental control apps, no data about the usage time and apps used is stored and cannot be viewed afterwards. In addition, no data is forwarded to the app’s manufacturer.

What can be problematic about the offer?

The usability of the device is very limited by the app and the time limits always have to be restarted. In addition, the app runs a bit jerky and locking the device happens with a time delay.

The app is not suitable for children who want to get to know the smartphone’s functions better, since it is not possible to access the settings.

What does the provider think?

The app’s Canadian developer, Ryan Park, wants Kids Zone to enable easy, safe and controlled smartphone use. There is no specified age for use, the age rating in the App Store is three years.

The fact that Kids Zone does not offer a monitoring option means that no data is passed on to the manufacturer. The app requests access to usage data, like any app of this type, to see what other apps are being used. The privacy policy is complete and easy to understand – but in English.

What should parents pay attention to?

Kids Zone is especially suitable if you occasionally give your younger child their own cell phone to play with, or if your child gets their own smartphone at an early age.

Parental control apps are designed to protect the child, but you should still check which apps (games, music, etc.) are installed on the smartphone. Pay attention to the age information as well. Test the apps you want to unlock for your child and decide together which apps your child can use. Also, involve your child when it comes to the length of time they use their cell phone. If you set rules for smartphone use together and your child can understand them, he or she will be better able to stick to them. The older your child gets, the more he wants to try things out on his own. Adjust settings accordingly over time and give your child the space they need.

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