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PlayStation 5

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The PlayStation 5 is probably one of the most sought-after new game consoles among young gamers at the moment. It is comparatively expensive, but offers high-quality graphics and a novel controller.

In a nutshell:

  • Available since the end of 2020
  • Parental control functions
  • Two different models available
  • Approx. 400 – 900€

What exactly is the PlayStation 5?

The Playstation 5 (or “PS5” for short) is a gaming console from the Japanese developer Sony. It can be bought in two different versions: The normal PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition, which differs in that it doesn’t have a drive. Thus, only downloaded games can be played on it. In return, it is somewhat lighter and cheaper. Both versions come with a newly designed controller. So it can only be played alone if you don’t buy additional controllers.
The PS5 is more expensive overall than other consoles, e.g. the Nintendo Switch . In return, it offers, similar to the XBOX Series X It is very fast, for example. Compared to the predecessors PS3 and PS4, there are not too many games developed only for the PS5 yet. However, games from the predecessor console can also be played on the PS5.
The PS5 can also be connected to the WLAN. With “PlayStation Plus” there is a monthly subscription that allows you to regularly download new games and play online together with other gamers.

What fascinates children and young people about it?

Gamers around the world are looking for a new PS5 every day. It has actually been available since the end of 2020, but it practically always sells out very quickly.
Some game series are only available on PlayStation (e. g. B. from the Spiderman series). These exclusive games make the PS5 attractive for gamers. Most important to young female gamers, however, is usually the quality of the graphics and the fact that the PS5 is brand new and in hot demand.

What can be problematic about the offer?

For the PS5, there are many games that are not suitable for children and teenagers. For example, there are many first-person shooters for the PS5. In some games there is also the possibility to buy game content (e.g. items or weapons) with so-called in-game purchases. So you should pay attention to what and how much your child plays and make settings using the parental control features to make the PS5 more child-friendly.

What does the provider think?

For the PS5, there is the option to set parental control settings. To do this, you need to create an account for your family on PlayStation Network in advance. You can then use this to create an account for your child and make settings. You should set here which games and game content (e.g. photos from the games) it is allowed to share, buy and publish. Detailed instructions on how to set it up can be found here. There are also instructions in child-friendly language for using PlayStation Network.

What should parents pay attention to?

It doesn’t always have to be the newest and most expensive game console. The predecessor models PS3 and PS4 still have a very good quality and offer a great gaming experience. There are also more games for both consoles because the PS5 is relatively new and not too many games have been developed for it yet.
Basically, you should be open to your child’s wishes. But you can also talk about how the latest isn’t always the best. In any case, it is important to take an interest in your child’s play worlds, to accompany him or her as much as possible during play, and to be there if he or she experiences something unpleasant.

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