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Puppet Pals

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3-10 years
Tool description

With Puppet Pals you can easily and quickly act out little stories with your child on a digital fairy tale stage.

In a nutshell:

  • Animation app for iOS (Apple devices)
  • for children from approx. 5 years
  • Available in different versions (free and paid) and via in-app purchases with different scopes
  • Photo function allows you to add your own figures and pictures

What is Puppet Pals?

Puppet Pals is an app for tablets that allows your child – even at a young age – to easily create their own little cartoons. A wide range of themes and figures are available for this purpose. The photo function allows you to insert your own photos and images as figures and backgrounds. This way, your child can immerse himself in the story by taking a photo of himself, outlining the figure with his finger, and thus detaching it from the actual background. With the record button, your child or you can record the story together with distributed roles. In addition, the movement of the figures is recorded. The figures are moved by sliding them back and forth on the touch display with your finger.

The app’s simple operation and child-friendly themes, such as fairy tales, make it suitable for use by children as young as five. The paid version of the app – “Director’s Pass” – costs around €6 and allows you to add your own photo and use the app offline.

What should parents pay attention to?

The app is a great way to get creative together with your child and try out and experience one of the most important media for children – the animated film – for yourself! Since the app does not collect data and content and share it with third parties, you can use it safely.

However, you should still accompany your child when using it. This is a great way to spend time together, learn more about your child’s interests and stories, and encourage safe and creative use of media in your child.


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