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Skins – individual game characters in games

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11-17 years
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New clothes, dance moves or a new avatar? All this is part of the virtual equipment in a computer game. To make their own character special, players can purchase various things in in-game stores.

What are skins?

Skin in video games refers to the custom appearance of game characters through certain items. Skins do not cause game characters to become stronger or better. As in real life, new clothes mean only a visual change. Skins are unlocked by advancing in the game or can be bought with in-game or real money. So they work like in-app purchases in other apps. Skins are often available in free-to-play games . The providers lure with free games, but want to earn money via in-app purchases.

What fascinates children and young people about it

In popular games, such as. Minecraft , Roblox or Fortnite , many game ends have special skins and it is made easy to acquire them. If your child has been playing a game for a long time, they may want to make their game character look better to differentiate themselves from other avatars. This is mainly attractive to young people in games that are played together with others. Just as they like to show off their new sneakers or T-shirt in the schoolyard, they can do the same in the computer game. This is how they get attention and recognition. Your child wants to distinguish his play figure from others.

There are game ends that collect skins . They look beautiful, some skins are only available for a certain time and thus become sought-after collectibles. Skins can be purchased in various games that resemble other popular media heroes. As soon as a new movie starts, there will be new skins of the characters.

What parents should pay attention

As with clothing in the schoolyard, some young people may be pressured to buy skins in computer games. After all, when playing with a “no-skin,” or basic figure equipment, some gamers get offended because they apparently “can’t afford skins.” During puberty, adolescents are very sensitive and dependent on the opinions of their peers. This makes it all the more important to talk to your child about all aspects of computer games. These include communication with others, content in the games, and also in-game purchases.

Explain to your child what the provider’s interests are and agree on rules for dealing with them. Perhaps you can agree on a certain amount of pocket money that may be spent on skins and similar items. Your child should think carefully about how important a particular piece of equipment is before buying it. Make sure your credit card or bank account is not automatically charged if your child accidentally makes a purchase.

Some skins are more expensive than others. This is because some are rarer than others. The rarity of certain skins can cause skins to also be resold by third parties and betting and gambling take place with them. This is illegal in most cases and you should make sure that your child only buys from the in-game store.

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